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A new, unique & innovative way of buying gold for profit.


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AvantGold help educate people about the gold industry, whilst showing them how to buy in the most cost effective way.

AvantGold will help you with your education into the gold market, keep you well informed with market news & analysis and assist you with the buying process for your gold purchases, which is a must-have asset for your portfolio and family wealth.

Gold – THE survival asset

Gold has long been considered by Governments, banks and corporations as the ONLY real safe haven. Experts predict a substantial price rise over the next 24-36 months.

In times of increasing geo-political uncertainty and volatility within the traditional asset classes, many of the world’s top economic analysts are predicting a forthcoming market correction. As a result, Central Banks across the globe are on an unprecedented gold-buying spree, demonstrated by the fact that they have nearly doubled their holdings in recent times.

It is a similar story for many private investors who now see the value in rebalancing their portfolios. The case for purchasing and holding in the upcoming years is obvious but faces a complex market with a myriad of opportunities: How to buy at the best price? Who to buy from? Where to store it? How to sell it?

AvantGold provides a simple solution to all of these questions and is a contracted worldwide distributor of a unique Advance Purchase Discount Gold (APDG) bullion supply service.

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“We don’t just help people buy gold the right way, we also provide them with an opportunity to create a better future & lifestyle.”

Paul Oliver, Director

Our Avant-age

Place your faith in us.

Buying (and selling) gold for profit with AvantGold couldn’t be simpler. With our concierge style service, we make the buying experience easy and without complication. Our service enables you to buy at the best possible price on the day & lock that price in for the duration of your legal sale & purchase contract agreement.  We also deliver additional free of charge gold to your account each month (creating an effective discount of what is currently 31%) & take care of the secure storage and insurance for you.  We even offer a guaranteed buy-back of your gold!

Our clients have been enjoying the benefits of APDG since its inception and now look forward to potential returns exceeding 85% on capital over a 24 month term.

*your capital IS NOT tied into a fixed term contract – you can sell your gold holdings at any time.

AvantGold offer a gold buying experience unlike any other:

  • Buy gold at an effective discount currently 31%
  • Experienced, credible & trustworthy partners
  • Fully referenceable board of Directors
  • Experts in their chosen fields
  • Dynamic and innovative product
  • Proof of end to end process
  • Gold securely stored in YOUR name (you are the sole custodian)
  • Full extensive due diligence pack
  • Concierge style service with monthly reviews


    Live example (July 2020):

    Client purchased in March 2020 with a locked in rate of $1500 per ounce.  He purchased $50,000 worth of 24Kt bullion.  To date  he has received 4 instalments (1.38 ounces, plus 0.5 ounces of bonus ‘FREE’ gold, totalling 1.88 ounces per month x 4 months = 7.52 ounces).  His gold can now be sold at today’s rate, circa $2000, which equates to $15,040.  He still has 20 more instalments to come – even if gold stays at the same rate his capital purchase would be worth $90,240 (24 x 1.88 ounces at $2000). A profit of over $40,000, assuming the client does not sell any of his gold holdings.

    Full disclosure of clients account is available upon request and can also be found in the Insights page.

Challenges lead to opportunities.

Finding a secure method that delivers sustainable results with high yield growth is becoming more of a challenge, especially in today’s economic climate.  Being able to buy a future proof asset at under market value is almost impossible.

The outcome of any investment or ‘buy for profit’ growth plan should ideally offer comfort and satisfaction to the investor / buyer and lead to a safe, secure & stable way to grow your capital.  Irrespective of the financial landscape, this is tough for anyone to achieve.

We believe we have found the solution, and it lies within the APDG service. But don’t just take our word for it – see what our clients have to say:

Close up of gold | the benefits of Advanced Purchase Discount Gold (APDG)

Nothing compares to gold.

Whether it be stocks, shares, bonds, equities, forex, property or even retirement funds – there is little comparison to gold and the advantages you get with APDG.

Finding property at under market value, for example, is hard to come by.  They do exist, but in such a competitive market, they are not that easy to find.

If only you had access to the inside track and where you could buy at under market rates, and therefore more likely to clear a healthy profit.

There are significant costs however when buying property, such as stamp duty, taxation, maintenance costs & management fees, etc.

What if you could achieve greater high yield returns, faster and without all the hassle ? Be worth considering, wouldn’t it?

Well, now you can – we have direct access to a reputable supplier who controls the end to end supply chain process.  This allows us to purchase gold at under market rates and with complete confidence.

APDG delivers a secure, simple alternative to other asset classes that do not always perform in the same way:

  • Buy at under market rates
  • Watch your asset grow in value (predictions suggest 40% + price increases over the next 12 – 24 months)
  • Liquidate monthly; quickly and easily
  • No hidden costs

Our story

The AvantGold Story

AvantGold Ltd is a UK based company and an approved global distributor of APDG.

We’re a highly experienced and motivated team, ready to support you in your exciting journey to owning your own gold.


Company Director, John Howard Smith | Avant.gold

John Howard Smith

Company Director & Shareholder

John has a professional background in finance, with over 30 years’ experience in the mortgage industry as an advisor & commentator. Diverse in property development and portfolio management. John holds multiple Directorships and is experienced in mergers & acquisitions.

Over the past 4 years John has also been involved in the world of Cryptocurrency, Forex and gold trading.

PC 1, 2 & 3 Qualified, CeMAP, Dip.

+44 (0) 7976 911168
Company Director, Paul Oliver | Avant.gold

Paul Oliver

Company Director & Shareholder

Paul has 28 years’ of experience in corporate Sales & Marketing, largely in the IT & Cyber Security space and was awarded Freeman of the City of London for his contribution to this sector.

Having sold his IT company some 5 years ago, Paul moved into alternative investments and like his Co-Directors has a portfolio that includes cryptocurrency & gold.

Freeman of the City of London – WCIT.

+44 (0) 7771 923 944