Advanced Purchase Discount Gold

A new, unique innovative way of buying gold for profit.

Our Avant-age

Close up of gold | the benefits of Advanced Purchase Discount Gold (APDG)

Why are people coming to us to purchase their gold?

The answer is simple – with Advanced Purchase Discount Gold (APDG), clients receive more gold than they pay for.

  • We offer clients a discount when purchasing 24Kt gold bullion certified to the London Bullion Market Association (LMBA) standard, by being able to buy direct from our mining partners.
  • Commission-free, no hidden costs & fully insured and stored for you.
  • Buy gold & lock in the price for 24 months on the day you buy it, delivered in 24 equal instalments.
  • Receive additional gold each month at no extra cost, which combined with the above represents an effective current discount of 31%.

Over a 24 month contract term, you receive more gold than you have purchased. All gold is delivered in 24 equal instalments and you gain even greater returns when the price of gold rises.

You have the option to sell your gold at any point in time should you wish to, or you can continue with the secure storage option for greater potential future returns – the choice is entirely yours!

Gold surveyor at gold mine | AvantGold

How can we supply gold at these prices?

Excavating, refining and shipping gold costs a lot less than the advertised market rates.

Our mining partners are able to produce gold at $548 per ounce – that’s over 70% less than the price set by LBMA, which gives them the ability to offer a substantial discount that is both attractive to the purchaser and sustainable and beneficial for the owner.

We have partnered with a world-renowned industry leader to deliver this unparalleled opportunity.

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Buy with complete confidence and true flexibility.

Your asset is NOT tied into a fixed-term contract before sale – liquidate monthly or store your gold for potential future value increases – the choice is yours.

Our partners have been in business since 2005, have undergone a strict due diligence process and subscribe to social responsibility & fair trade policies. They are also a global industry leader in risk management and secure logistics.

Know your supplier, Trust your supplier.

The Mission: Study inefficiencies in the gold trading industry; enhance each step of the supply chain by becoming the supply chain.

The Vision: Implement efficient operations from start to finish, trackable, own-able and responsible each step of the way for the employees, communities, end-users and investors.

The Values: Concern for all stakeholders, especially the wellbeing of society and natural resources. Connect with communities for reciprocal partnerships and long-term, mutually beneficial relationships.

Our partners provide material investments for construction and on-going support of schools and hospitals; they assemble and repair infrastructure and provide improvements to water systems.

*full DD pack available upon request.

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Securing your finances & keeping your money protected.

How does gold stack up against other asset classes?

Unlike cash stored in a bank, gold’s value rises with inflation in line with other products and commodities.

Comparing returns across a 20-year life span using a £10k investment:

  • A cash ISA would now be worth £17,243
  • A government bond would be worth £20,361
  • Residential property would now be worth £29,766
  • FTSE 100 and your £10K would be worth £23,585
  • Silver and it would be worth £42,911

In gold, it would be worth £66,802.

APDG delivers more than the traditional purchasing methods, enabling much greater returns, due to these 2 factors:

1. Price of gold fixed for 24 months on the day you make your purchase, so as the gold price rises you gain the benefit of that price increase.

2. Additional gold added to your account each month at no extra cost to you and as part of your legal contract agreement.

These combined factors give complete peace of mind and comfort to know that you are receiving more gold than you purchased and at a fixed price.

Gold Concierge Service

As part of our ongoing support, we are able to offer clients 1-2-1 monthly reviews.  We ensure clients are kept up to date on market conditions & help to review their current and future goals.

We are here to help our clients buy (and sell) gold the smart way.