GOLD EXCITEMENT – The journey !! – Part Five

If you buy gold and haven’t been following this story then your missing out.

We all glaze over posts but trust me when I say do nothing else today than read this as it will be time well spent & and time is precious. Full disclosure of client statements upon request.

Our client submitted his purchase order of $50,000 back in March 2020 and locked in his spot price of $1,500 per oz.  Since then (apart from buying more) he has taken 5 deliveries of his purchase order which is delivered over 24 months directly into his own vault which is fully insured by Lloyds of London and for this we gift him 0.5 oz of free gold each month as a bonus for allowing us to use his funds on our Mandianna site in Guinea – see link below

So what does that all mean ?

Well apart from our client seeing an increase in gold since March 2020 (at the time of writing) of 29% he has also received an extra 2.5 oz of bonus gold by utilising our Advanced Purchase of Discount Gold (APDG) method.

Current holdings using APDG = 12.145oz X $1940 = $23,561.30

Standard way, and assuming no Premium = 6.945oz X $1940 = $13,473.30

Our client has already received almost 50% of his capital back in physical gold in just 5 months and has another 19 deliveries yet to be made – if gold stayed at the current rate that would be a total of $113,094.24 on his original purchase of $50,000 – and he can liquidate his holdings at any-time. Is there any other way to buy GOLD?

If you would like to see a copy of our clients account that is held with one of the biggest providers in gold storage or would like the full story then please email us at