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Original published 23rd April 2020

Sharing a clients’ experience is not only exciting but also very rewarding, especially after all the time and effort it’s taken to bring this product to market.

We have been delighted at how our unique gold buying service has been received by the marketplace and since launching in the middle of March.  Our partners, who have a wealth of experience in this sector, have delivered on every promise, making gold readily available for our clients at an effective discounted rate of 26%.

The first client introduced to our suppliers on the 24th March secured his advanced purchase of gold at a spot price of $1,500 per oz, which is now fixed for the 24 month duration of his $50,000 purchase contract.  Not only has he seen the gold price increase to $1,700 per oz, but also receives additional bonus gold each month, equal to half an oz and on top of his basic delivery of physical gold.  The client was delighted to receive his monthly statement, from one of the worlds most trusted brands in security, showing his holdings in his own private account.  The account set up is part of the agreement and includes the costs for safe keeping and insurance.

The client could have bought his gold through the traditional route and for his purchase of $50,000 (at the time), he would have received 33.33 oz just over 1kg.  However, he would have had to pay a premium of anywhere between 5-10% on spot with further costs associated with safe keeping and insurance.

Buying through us means the client has received 1.389 oz plus his bonus gold of 0.5 oz; a total of 1.889 oz per month for 24 months, giving him a total of 45.336 oz.

In fact, he actually received 1.929 oz as our partners always round up.

So what does that all mean?

Well, if he had bought through the traditional method, and assuming the price stays exactly where it is for the next 24 months, i.e. $1,700 (it is very strongly predicted by leading industry experts to increase by up to 30%) then the client would have a gold value $56,661 less a premium of $5,000, plus security/storage & insurance, resulting in the client being almost flat.

The client however chose our method of buying and his $50,000 purchase order at the end of the term, assuming no further increase, will result in him having a total gold holding value of $77,071.
If that wasn’t enough the client can liquidate monthly, if he so chooses, or simple continue to store his gold and then repeat again in 24 months.

The end result is a very happy client.

If Gold is not part of your portfolio, I would strongly urge you to consider it – it’s not just a case of buying it anymore, it’s a case of how and where you buy from – these are the most important factors.

Let us show you how.

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