The Process & How it works

Advance Purchase Discount Gold (APDG) and what it means to you.
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Minimum purchase of $12,500 USD (or £10,000)
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Advance purchase 24Kt gold at LBMA spot price, with price lock for 24 months
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Personal account at Zurich based vault, with storage and insurance included
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Gold deposited into your vault account in equal instalments over 24 months
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Additional gold added to your vault account each month at no extra cost, written into contract
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31% current effective discount, plus benefit of gold price increases
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You receive monthly account statements direct from the vault
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Sell or hold your gold each month – we offer a guaranteed buy back
Simple Steps to Buying APDG.
Step 1

Client requests to purchase - Complete simple ID checks, purchase order & vault account forms.

Step 2

Delivery Schedule & Pro forma invoice issued. Client deposits funds & personal vault account opened.

Step 3

Gold deposited into your account, 30 days after payment. 1/24th gold purchased and ‘bonus’ gold allocated each month for 24 months with monthly statements issued.

Step 4

Store or Sell Gold - each month clients can decide to either sell or continue to store their gold. Insurance & storage costs fully included as part of the service.

Want to know how to calculate your effective discount?
Let us talk you through the above steps, explain how the discount works and share with you our specially created gold gains calculator.

Why Buying APDG works

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Simple, transparent pricing.

Before finalising your order, you will be issued with a price based on the LMBA spot rate on the day.  Once your funds have been received and remitted, you will be sent a full delivery schedule which displays your locked in purchase price along with monthly delivery dates (over a full 24 month term) for when you can expect to receive your gold (both the actual gold you have purchased along with the additional bonus gold).

Each month your gold will be delivered & securely stored in the Zurich based vault with the account in YOUR name.  You will then be issued with regular monthly statements showing your gold holdings.  You can then decide to either sell the gold you have in your vault or simply leave it for possible future price increases.

Simple, transparent.

Delivery & storage of your gold.

The global industry leader in risk management and secure logistics will take responsibility for the security of your gold. The company has safeguarded valuables since 1859 and offers the utmost quality of service and sets the market standards.

Our partners have been entrusted by this industry leader to transport over 30 billion USD of gold bullion out of Western Africa over the past 10 years, and that relationship continues to blossom.

Your gold is delivered on a monthly basis to a secure storage facility in Zurich. We will arrange for a personal account to be set up on your behalf with you named as the sole custodian.

We handle the entire administration process and a monthly statement will be sent directly to you to verify your gold holdings.

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Build your gold portfolio faster with monthly bonus gold.

What you can expect when buying gold using the APDG method:

Example of $100k purchase (gold delivered over 24 months in equal parts)

Purchase price based on $2000 per Oz

Oz to be delivered = 50 oz
Bonus Gold (unique to APDG) = *24 oz
Total Gold = 74 oz

Effective discount = 32% (due to bonus gold issued)

Effective purchase price per 0z = $1351.35

If the value of gold remained the same and you sold at the same rate as when you originally bought, then your gold would be worth:

$148,000 (48% profit)

If the value of gold was to increase by 40% over 24 months, and as predicted, then you can expect to realise a return of:

$207,200 (107% profit)

Advance Purchase Discount Gold is what makes this possible.

*24 oz when spending $100k (12 oz for $50K, 6oz for $25k, etc.)

Start the process of buying APDG.

With APDG you get a fixed purchase price and can build your gold portfolio faster with the bonus gold you receive each month.

We believe this is the best way to buy gold, which is why it’s how we buy ours!

We cannot control the price of gold, but we can see that both recently and historically it has followed growth trends, so contact us to buy your gold at the best possible price.

Take Avant-age of APDG smart buy today.