What our clients have to say

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Take a read of what some of our clients say about us and the APDG method of buying Gold…

Some of our clients have also agreed to act as a reference for those considering the APDG method of buying gold – existing client contact details can be provided upon request.



” I have been involved in Gold for the past 2 years now with the guys at AvantGold on various other projects – PPM APDG is by far the most successful.

It gives me assurance that Lloyds of London insurance are an integral part of the process. The product itself is deposited in my very own safety deposit Vault in Switzerland delivered by a recognised company who are experts in their field, which is a reference in itself.

I started the APDG in June and I have had 3 deposits of gold including the Bonus, which is an income driver and I could cash that in at anytime, however I would rather wait for the value of Gold to go up as predicted, giving me much more value for my money, rather than it sitting in the bank earning a very nominal amount of interest.

I have also introduced many other clients into the PPM APDG and those clients were apprehensive at first, but after seeing the results and deposits that go in like clock work every month they are very happy.

After my 2 year contact is up I will pump the funds back in and do it again, but this time with a larger deposit.

I am delighted to have been introduced to this product and I am happy to explain the product to new members. ”

Kam, UK – Ex Commodities & Futures Market Trader (Singapore)
Purchased 17th May 2020



” What I really like about the APDG model is that I know my buy price is fixed on the day I make my purchase and that price remains the same for the duration of my contract.

I am also very pleased with the FOC added gold I receive each month – this gives me a discount over a 24 month term of approx. 30%. I can also sell my gold holdings at any point in time should I wish to – put simply, there is no comparison to what AvantGold offers. ”

Cheran, Uxbridge – Director, Harini Enterprises UK Ltd
Purchased 5th June 2020



” I have never bought gold before now. AvantGold made is easy for me and fully explained the benefits of their service. They suggest they offer a ‘concierge’ style service – and I have to say, they really do. If I had gone to the online brokers I had been looking at, then I would have paid over market rates. With these guys, I know I am ahead of the game from day 1; locked in price, free monthly gold, cash in on the gold in my vault whenever I choose and if I leave it to increase in value then I know where it is and that it is securely stored and insured – one less thing to worry about. I wouldn’t buy gold any other way ! ”

Mick, Kent – Director of Renewable Energy Company
Purchased 13th June 2020



” I decided to buy physical gold to secure my future and largely due to my concerns over the economic climate. My banked savings give zero returns and I wanted the assurance of a safe haven and capital growth. Through the research I had done online, I knew that gold was heading in the right direction. When I realised and saw how AvantGold’s APDG service compared to the traditional way of buying gold, for me it became a no brainer. The purchase process was very simple and the team at AG helped me every step of the way. I would advise anyone wanting to buy gold to strongly consider the APDG method of buying. ”

Ryan, Kent – Enterprise Sales Manager
Purchased 19th July 2020



” AvantGold’s APDG service allows me to have my gold securely stored and fully insured. My holdings increase faster than any other method of buying gold that I am aware of – with APDG the ‘bonus’ gold allocated to my vault account each month gives me additional gold that I haven’t paid for ! I am more than happy with the service and returns and happy to recommend AG to anyone wanting to get into gold. ”

Paul, Kent – Retired Businessman
Purchased 27th July 2020



” Previous to now I have been buying gold from standard bullion dealers, holding onto it for a few years and then hopefully selling it for a healthy profit. With APDG, I now know I can buy it today, have it delivered to my own personal vault over a 24 month period, gain from their discount model and with the increase in value the returns can be much greater than any other form of gold purchase I have ever seen. Very happy with this method of buying and very satisfied with the team at AvantGold Ltd. ”

Mike, Hampshire – Spiritual Healer & Investor
Purchased 2nd September 2020